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Michael James Sales Tax Solutions (MJ) has the technical and functional skills along with project management experience to perform assessments of your current tax automation solutions and/or implement your existing tax engine solution. Whether you are looking for help with the entire project, or just a portion of the project, MJ can support your tax technology goals.​

Key areas for consideration include the following:​

  1. Tax Engine release strategy

  2. Tax Engine Connector release strategy

  3. Master Data assessment and control strategy

  4. Internally hosted or outsourced hosting strategy review

  5. Tax Engine Configuration review: Setups, Product Mappings etc.n.

  6. Maintenance & Support Strategy​


Tax automation projects do not need to be complicated. We can help!

MJ is proud to have a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) on staff that has over 20 years of indirect tax experience.  She can deliver a review of your existing solution with recommendations for additional improvements and control plans to ensure your solution is up to date and effective.​

If you are interested in improving tax compliance and reducing audit risk, let MJ develop a targeted solution to help your company get on a path to increased reliability & functionality.​

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