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A sales tax audit can be a costly, time-consuming, and complex process. Our professionals at Michael James will ensure that our clients are well-equipped to obtain a favorable audit outcome while minimizing the amount of company resources utilized.


Through Michael James, your organization can utilize experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals through a cost-effective, full-service outsourcing arrangement. Our audit processes and  procedures can be used in whole or in part, depending on the client’s existing methodologies, to form the foundation for an effective and efficient audit plan. This plan will be centered on managing audit risk while keeping our clients in control of the audit process. Michael James will assist in fully managing the audit process from start to finish. Throughout the audit, our professionals will work with key personnel in your organization by gathering relevant information, setting up an audit plan and course of action, and assist in crucial decision making to generate an optimal outcome.

By using Michael James as your full-service audit outsourcing provider, you will garner the following benefits:

  • 1) Immediate audit function implementation, using our proven audit tools, strategies, and processes.

  • 2) Peace of mind, knowing experienced and dedicated professionals with “Big 4” and “Fortune 5” experience working on your side.

  • 3) Very competitive rates that will match or exceed “big box” firms, allowing for more flexibility of costs and budgets.

  • 4) Elimination of time and costs associated with hiring and training skilled personnel to effectively handle audit function.

  • 5) Regular and continuous communication between our team and your internal audit team.


Other audit-related services include:

  • Alternative compliance procedures

  • Assessment reviews

  • Audit controversy

  • Audit process evaluation and improvement

  • Audit representation

  • Audit sampling analysis and evaluation

  • Exemption certificate

  • Litigation support services

  • Utility studies

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