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Have a tax question? Ask MJ your tax question.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I’ve been getting asked a lot of tax questions lately. Perhaps it’s the new year, new questions phenomenon. Perhaps people are just getting back to basics which means getting the work done. Perhaps there are just a lot of unknown reasons.

Here are some examples:

  • Do you know anyone in your tax network that is looking for a new tax opportunity?

  • How do I start automating tax?

  • I have a new customer in Europe, what do I do with sales tax?

  • I just received a big $$$ tax assessment, can your team help, today?

  • MJ is based in Georgia? Can you help with my Georgia audit?

My response is to help. I want the question to go from unknown to a known. Sometimes ‘help’ is referring the question to someone I know that will respond and can help. Sometimes ‘help’ comes from our MJ team as we do have decades of ‘getting tax work done’ experience. Sometimes I do know people in my tax network that are looking for a new tax opportunity, so ‘how would you like to meet them?’ is my question back. And sometimes the answer is ‘I just don’t know….yet but I want to know so let me do some digging’.

If you have a tax question, then ask your tax question. Let’s get work done this year. Let’s learn something new this year. Let’s be busy helping each other get better at getting work done.

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